I’ve been busy writing up some of the great work being done to support farmers with disease suppression, yield increases, and soil health restoration. Read on for more information that we hope will be useful on your farm…

What’s Biting into Your Farm’s Economic and Environmental Sustainability?

In this article, I discuss the hidden yield losses due to a disease like verticillium wilt that directly impact farms’ economic and environmental viability. One of the biggest opportunities to improve sustainability on-farm is through improving marketable yield from every acre. To learn how to maximize your marketable yield per acre, visit: (What’s Biting into Your Farm’s Economic and Environmental Sustainability? (

Tackling Early Die Complex

During our Potato School late last year, Dr. Gary Secor (North Dakota State University Plant Pathology Professor), talked about the most costly and frustrating production challenge growers face: early die complex. In this article he explains how it is widely considered the most important yield-limiting disease in processing potatoes, and can cost five to 30 percent of yield. To learn more, including options for management, visit: (Tackling Early Die Complex — a Sneak Peek from Potato School (

Can Fumigation and Sustainability Align?

This article recaps the soil health findings from a multi-year soil fumigation trial presented by Ken Frost, associate professor in the department of botany and plant pathology at Oregon State University (OSU). Ken says his goal is to protect and promote productive soil microbial populations. To learn more Dr. Frost, visit: (Potato School Snapshot — Can Fumigation and Sustainability Align? (

What Patates Dolbec Learned About Soil Fumigation Could Make You Money

Guest contributor Philippe Parent, Patates Dolbec’s director of quality assurance and agronomy, coordinated an on-farm soil fumigation trial last year that demonstrated chloropicrin’s strong management of scab and rhizoctonia, and as importantly, convinced him that chloropicrin doesn’t sterilize the soil. To read more about why Philippe Parent now puts his trust in Strike, visit: (What Patates Dolbec Learned About Soil Fumigation (

See you in the fields.