Fumigation: Benefits From The Ground Up

Chloropicrin and Chloropicrin blends are found to be some of the most effective in disease management and nematode suppression for tobacco growers. Chloropicrin aids in the prevention of plant stunting in the field which are caused by multiple stress factors. These factors include soil-borne diseases such as

  • Granville Wilt
  • Fusarium Wilt
  • Pythium
  • Black Root Rot
  • Nematodes

Effects from soil borne pests combine to reduce yield and crop quality.

The Growing Solution

The solution is providing plants a healthy, disease free soil to maximize growth and yield. Soil fumigation with Chloropicrin is a proven tool to improve soil health in many crops across the globe. Chloropicrin improves soil microbiology by rebooting the microbial balance between beneficial and harmful organisms creating a vigorous growing environment for tobacco.

Chloropicrin and Chloropicrin blends have proven very effective in numerous university tests at providing enhanced disease and nematode control in the soil. This result is improved plant performance which is a direct result of improving the soils overall health. The Chloropicrin in our products is a true fumigant and moves easily through the soil breaking down into natural plant nutrients after a period of 10-14 days (with optimum environmental conditions). This gives growers the additional benefit of minimal plant back interval after fumigation with Chloropicrin versus other fumigants.

These combined benefits make Chloropicrin the most versatile fumigant for a tobacco production system. The results from using Chloropicrin can be increased yield, improved quality and higher return on investment.

Real Field Results

Tobacco Trial

Granville Wilt Disease Trial

Wilson County, NC – Norfolk Soil Series

Under conditions of significant disease pressure this trial was designed to evaluate fumigants for management of Granville Wilt. All fumigant treatments significantly reduced disease compared to the non-treated control. In this case Chloropicrin, at 3 gal/ac, reduced the disease index by 33% as compared to the non-treated control.

Percent Disease Disease
Material, rate, timing, method 2-Jun 15-Jun 2-Jul 22-Jul *Index
Non-treated 14.9 a** 47.5 a 67,2 a 71.4 a 50.2 a
Chloropicrin 96.5%, 3 gal/A, earpre, row 1.5 c 7.2 c 19.7 c 37.7 c 16.5 d
PIC+, 4 gal/A, earpre, row 1.8 C 7.7 C 22.2 c 44.8 bc 19.1 cd

*Disease index reflects both disease incidence (%) as well as the time of the season that the disease appeared. Higher indices reflect more disease.
**Means within columns followed by same letter do no significantly difference. (P=.05).

Treated vs. Untreated

Treated Tobacco Field

Treated Tobacco
Untreated Tobacco

Untreated Tobacco

Every grower has a different need. Every grower has a different disease pressure. The prescribed treatment is specified to each scenario.

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We specialize in a well-rounded and complete fertility program design for tobacco production.

Dry Fertilizer: Ground Control Command

Ground Control Command is a poly-coated dry fertilizer, provided by Haifa, can be customized for any analysis and coated from 1-16 months. It offers a more uniform extended release and leaching protection.

The poly-coated fertilizers release plant nutrients slowly and continuously throughout the growth cycle. A single application of GC-Command controlled release fertilizer will supply optimal levels of nutrients for an extended period of time.

Dry Fertilizer Tobacco Nutrition Program

Dry Fertilizer: Tobacco Program

Download PDF

Liquid Fertilizer: Liberty Acres

Ground Control Fertilizers are designed to provide growers more options and control over their fertility in adverse conditions of heavy rainfall, cool soil temperatures, or crop stages that make fertility applications difficult. The product focuses on providing a complete fertility package as a blended liquid to be used as alternative to traditional liquid nitrogen fertilizers. They can be applied through drip fertigation, direct-to-ground or over the top applications. All Ground Control Fertilizer blends are manufactured to fertigation grade.

Label PDF Download

Foliar Nutrition: Metalosate Powered by Albion Technology

Balchem’s Metalosate Powered by Albion Technology uses natural amino acids to chelate the minerals. They are rapidly absorbed, translocated, and metabolized by plants upon application.

  • Supports strong cell wall structure
  • Helps to prevent deformed or twisted leaf shape


Drip irrigation on tobacco is considered a good practice for several reasons.

  1. It allows for direct watering during dry weather or on sandier soils
  2. Drip irrigation can uniformly apply water and minimize water usage and runoff
  3. Liquid fertilizer and water can be applied straight to the root zone
  4. Lastly, growers have the ability to inject fertilizer and water by field zone to hold a crop over while harvesting other fields.

In tobacco drip irrigation can be installed after layby, but it is recommended during transplant to utilize fertigation for a better root establishment.

Let TriEst Ag guide you with choosing the right irrigation system for your tobacco growing plans. We have decades of experience designing drip and fertigation systems that are completely manual to fully automated. We also offer mobile pump/filter trailers and skid options to accommodate field rotations.



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