Turf Applications


As the leading fumigation specialist in the United States we offer expert custom fumigation services for Golf Courses, Turf Farms, and Athletic Fields.


Operators & Equipment:
TriEst takes great pride in the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of its employees. We provide the highest quality application using the most technologically advanced equipment with some of most qualified applicators in the world. All equipment is custom manufactured to our specification in order to provide safe, effective, and precise application of fumigant products.

Methyl Bromide is effective in controlling weed, weed seed, soil borne pathogens, and nematodes. Significantly lowering pest pressure often leads to reduced inputs of herbicide, nematicides, and insecticides. Promoting a stronger healthier root system leads to faster grow in times and reduced watering and fertilization.

Metam Sodium/Potassium can be applied with or without tarps for the control or suppression of weeds, weed seed, soil borne pathogens, and insects. Metam products offer broad spectrum control when methyl bromide is not an option.


Golf & Athletic Fields


TriEst Ag Group will offer tarped Basamid applications as an option for a labeled alternative to methyl bromide. Basamid Soil Fumigant is a broad spectrum fumigant that is applied in a granular form and converts to a gas when activated by moisture. Fumigants are most effective when a specified concentration of gas stays in contact with a target pest for a long enough time period to produce a lethal dose to the target pest. The use of specialized fumigation tarps will not only help make Basamid more effective against target pests but will also increase the safety factor by controlling off-site movement of gas, prevent run-off, and help guard against unpredictable weather events.

Soil Fumigants are classified as a Restricted Use Peticides.