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Tobacco Treated


TRIPIC 100 and TRIPIC+ are chloropicrin based fumigants found to be some of the most effective in disease management and nematode suppression for tobacco growers. TRIPIC 100 and TRIPIC+ aid in the prevention of plant stunting in the field which are caused by multiple stress factors. These factors include soil-borne diseases like Granville Wilt and pests such as nematodes. Effects from soil borne pests combine to reduce yield and crop quality. The solution is providing plants a healthy, disease free soil to maximize growth and yield. TRIPIC100 and TRIPIC+ are multipurpose fumigants which act to manage these pressures while creating a vigorous growing environment for tobacco.

TRIPIC100 and TRIPIC+ have proven very effective in numerous university tests at providing enhanced disease and nematode control in the soil. This result is improved plant performance which is a direct result of improving the soils overall health. The Chloropicrin in our products is a true fumigant and moves easily through the soil breaking down into natural plant nutrients after a period of 10-14 days (with optimum environmental conditions). This gives growers the additional benefit of minimal plant back interval after fumigation with TRIPIC 100 and TRIPIC+ versus other fumigants.

These combined benefits make TRIPIC 100 and TRIPIC+ the most versatile fumigants for a tobacco production system. The results from using TRIPIC 100 and TRIPIC+ can be increased yield, improved quality and higher return on investment.

Soil Fumigants are classified as a Restricted Use Peticides.