Row Crops

Fumigation provides a nutrient rich and pest free soil that provides a healthy field for a healthy yield. No current practice in row crop production provides more benefits than soil fumigation. Fumigation allows plant roots to develop in an environment where nematodes and certain soil borne diseases are managed. The result is an extensive, healthy root system which leads to earlier growth, longer harvest window, better utilization of nutrients and moisture, and earlier yields.



A vigorous, healthy root allows your crop the environment to cultivate sooner for higher quality and quantity yields. TriEst effectively treats a variety of row crops including potatoes, onions, carrots, sugar beets and sweet potatoes.


Protecting onion roots is vital in the first 6-8 weeks. Soil fumigation allows young onion roots to develop in a healthy manner managing weed control and suppressing pink root and other soil borne diseases.



For Carrot production our blended fumigation products including Pic-Clor 60, Telone C-35 ® and Telone C-17 ® provide the best alternative to methyl bromide. They provide outstanding pest control by creating a large zone of control around the root areas, managing root knot nematodes in the carrots.


Soil Fumigants are classified as a Restricted Use Peticides.