Mulch Film

Raven VaporSafe® is a unique seven layer co-extruded barrier fumigation film made from very flexible high strength polyethylene and an inner core of gas impermeable EVOH barrier resin. VaporSafe® soil fumigation barriers bring leading TIF™ film technology into a common sense approach to success. As the industry moves away from methyl bromide used to control weeds, pests and diseases, the need for a totally impermeable film (TIF) has become a necessity. VaporSafe® (TIF) fumigation films provide proven performance results for both broadcast and row mulch applications. Extensive research has been conducted on VaporSafe® fumigation barrier to assure growers repeatable and reliable performance. Results indicate that fumigant rates based on gallons per acre may be reduced by as much as 10% to 50% under VaporSafe® while still maintaining efficacy and yields.


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FILMtech Inc. is an industry leader in metallized and barrier films and is ever-expanding technologies in the packaging and converting industry. Founded in 2001, FILMtech metallizes a variety of film substrates including PET, OPP, CPP, LDPE, and BON for flexible packaging, board lamination, balloons, high barrier laminations, agricultural barrier films and industrial converting markets.