Soil Fumigation can be generally described as the operation where volatile liquids are injected into the soil profile where they transition to gas. The gas then penetrates the soil by moving through the soil pores coming in contact with the target pathogen. Ultimately, Fumigation objectives are to manage targeted pathogens and promote healthy growth allowing growers to meet their cropping goals: Uniform Crops, Healthy Plants, Maximize Growth Potential, production, and Economic Return.

The chemicals listed below are registered in varying chemical formulations for maximum performance, safety, and environmental health.


Example trade names: Chloropicrin, Tri-Clor, Pic Plus, Strike, Pic-Clor
Safely used since: 1920s
Benefits: Excellent control of many fungal and bacterial pathogens; also controls some insects, and nematodes
Movement through soil: Good in well-tilled, non-saturated soil
EPA residue tolerance: Exempt, EPA determination - no residue in or on food

Example trade names: Telone®, InLine, Pic-Clor, Tri-Form
Safely used since: 1950s
Benefits: Excellent for preplant nematode control and when mixed with Chloropicrin, also controls numerous fungal and bacterial plant pathogens
Movement through soil: Good in well-tilled, low moisture soil
EPA residue tolerance: Exempt, EPA determination - no residue in or on food

Methyl Bromide
Example trade names: Methyl Bromide, Tri-Con, Pic-Brom
Safely used since: 1960s
Benefits: Excellent broad-spectrum fumigant, effective for managing many insects, nematodes, weeds, bacteria, and fungi
Movement through soil: Excellent
EPA residue tolerance: Exempt, EPA determination - no residue in or on food

**Methyl Bromide is only available for those crops listed on the label and that qualify for CUE,QPS, Emergency use exemptions.**

Telone® Products: Nematicide to control plant parasitic nematodes

  • InLine
  • Telone® C-17
  • Telone II®

PIC Products: Fungicide to control soil-borne fungal pathogens

  • Pic Plus, Pic-Clor 60, Tri-Pic 100
  • Strike

Telone®/Pic product mixtures tailored to fight specific nematode/pathogen pest pressures
Paladin 79/21 - Paladin is a novel, pre-plant soil fumigant for the treatment of weeds, soil-borne plant pathogens and nematodes in soils to be planted with vegetable and fruit crops where plastic-culture is used for fumigation
Metam Sodium/Potassium Products (Truck Load orders) A broad spectrum soil fumigant used on a wide variety of crops to control weed, weed seed, soil borne pathogens, and nematodes.
Dominus® - DOMINUS® is a broad-spectrum product that controls soil-borne fungi, nematodes, weeds and insects in a wide range of crops, including strawberries, fresh market tomatoes, peppers, berries, ornamentals, melons and curcurbits.

Soil Fumigants are classified as a Restricted Use Peticides.